Red Pillar of Brouillard – Bonatti-Oggioni route – Mont Blanc

Together with Fabien, a friend  and also aspirant mountain guide, we climbed the amazing Red Pillar of Brouillard on the South face of Mont Blanc.

This route was first climbed by a legendary Italian alpinist , Walter Bonatti (1930-2011), together with Andrea Oggioni (1930-1961), on July 5/6 of 1959.

The South face of Mont Blanc viewed from the Monzino Hut:P1040201

The Noire of Peuterey:P1040203

Fabien at the base of the red pillar:P1040208

The first F.6a pitch wakes you up!P1040215

Amazing red granite!P1040221



We then climb up some very loose mixed terrain above the pillar, to reach the Louis Amédée peak on the Brouillard ridge:P1040255

No more solid granite…P1040265

Finally on the Brouillard ridge, but Mont Blanc is still far away:P1040285




18 hours after leaving the Monzino hut, we finally reach the top of Mont Blanc! P1040330

We then head down the Bosses ridge alone in the sunset. A great moment of peace and completeness after so many hours of efforts and concentration…P1040334


The line of the Red Pillar of Brouillard:trace

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